An Initiative of Future Earth

Sustainability Science 2.0

Sustainability Science 2.0 is an initiative bringing together a cross-disciplinary group of leaders from anthropology to zoology, National Academy members and leaders, funders from the public-sector and private foundations, impacts investors, curriculum experts, sustainability practitioners, Fortune 500 CSOs, university presidents, early-career professionals, CEOs of leading companies, chief scientists of NGOs, and others in intensive full-day dialogue events, focused on the future of Sustainability Science in the United States.

Sally Jewell helping to shape our view of the systems that must be in place to support US sustainability scholarship. Lumari Pardo-Rodriguez, Franklin Carrero-Martinez, Kirsten Rowell and Josh Tewksbury in the background.

The dialogues built on listening and sharing the vast experiences of the participants and their cross-sectoral perspectives.

Networking with old colleagues and new contacts was also part of the experience.

Deliberating over the most significant issues in sustainability science required concentration.