Angela Bednarek and Josh Tewksbury rank their top choices of the most urgent key challenges.

We have held two dialogue events to date. One in Denver, and another in Arlington. All participants came into the dialogue having reflected on the following catalyzing question:

What are the key changes in the US sustainability research system that will optimize the US contribution to US and international sustainability work?

 We used the responses to this question to develop key work areas, using a three-horizon model to 1) highlight the key elements of the current research system that need reform, 2) co-construct the critical features of a high-impact future US sustainability research system, and 3) identify the transitional technologies and enabling programs that will get us from where we are now to where we need to go. The first dialogue was hosted by Colorado State University, the second dialogue was hosted by George Mason University. Presidents of both universities attended.

Graphic Recording was provided by Karina Branson, at ConverSketch, process support was provided by E3Uni.